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August 2017 Newsletter

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Abundance of fruit on tree

'A Season of Abundance' by Sue Stokes

15th August 2017

This year all the fruit seems to be arriving early. We’ve seen great harvests from the city’s Cherry and Mirabelle Plum trees, as well as greengages, too delicious to make jam from, as they just shout at you to eat them straight from the tree! Even the blackberries are ripening early, so head out soon if you want to make jam or desserts.

Apples and pears are starting to ripen and Abundance Portsmouth are excited to be holding their first apple pressing day at Eastney & Milton Allotments on Sunday 3rd September, to make delicious fruit juice with allotment holders, and harvest surplus fruit to be sent around the city’s foodbanks, community kitchens and for use at community events.

They’ll also be at Fratton Family Festival on Sunday 17th September. If you have fruit going spare or need help harvesting, do get in touch. And they’re starting to map fruiting trees and hedgerows across the city, so to add one or see where you can pick fruit, visit:

Main image of green plants and ferns

By Sue Stokes

8th August 2017

This week we have begun a new growing project with the University of Portsmouth who are researching the use of Hydroponics in the community. Will send more news on that next week, except to say, if you have an interest please pop into the garden and talk to Jean or message us on Facebook to get involved or if you'd like to volunteer with some of the jobs at the garden. Families of all ages welcome, but we need children and vulnerable people to be accompanied by their carer.

We have also just signed the Charter for Trees, Woods and People, a campaign to protect our trees, green spaces, and woodland. No need to explain its importance but possibly is not on everyone's top spot for protest or campaigning and yet it's the trees that will stand up for us when the floods come and the water rises. Apart from this they support ecosystems in every one of them large and small, just think of all our families as if we were trees and the people we support. I read that when a tree is hurt, in a wood, the surrounding trees send help and nutrients through an advanced network via their roots, and we have all spent happy hours climbing trees and dreaming of sitting in the tops of them if not in our own tree-house. Well now we can be part of that network too, and just like if you search with 'Eloisa' search engine when you are online, for each person who signs the charter, a tree is planted too

Let your friends and family know that you’ve helped shape history, and ask them to sign the Tree Charter too.

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Picture of a sunset in an Autumn day

By Peta Sampson

1st August 2017

Help us over August when you shop at Tesco, to win funds for our grow and make sessions…

Fancy getting creative? Then sow, grow and make with our Southsea Green Fingers project. Southsea Green and Eastney Community Centre have teamed up with Tesco "Bags of Help", and are planning some free activities to increase gardening and crafting skills targeting all ages and spanning the generations. Your blue token vote in store between now and the end of August will help us to provide fun, social activities. The more tokens we get in the box, the more green fingers sessions we can run.

We'll be growing veg in a purpose-built bed at Eastney which will be cooked toperfection ready for us all to share and really taste the difference that home grown produce makes.

We are also running summer activities in the Southsea Green Community garden, growing and making for all the family, so watch the noticeboard and like our Facebook page to see what’s coming up