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Lost in Time - The Stories

11th - 22nd October 2017 at Art Space, Southsea. The stories that have been uncovered, throughout the exhibition.

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Leaves, foliage fallen on a golden autmn day

By Sue Stokes

16th October 2017

Golden autumn has arrived, and picking up leaves have become a pastime, we will be leaf mulching and making leaf crowns and scarecrows with the children. We are building a new growing bed at the bottom of the garden for the kiddies to grow potatoes in. We need old planks of wood if anyone has any for repairing some of the older beds where the wood is so old now thanks to Covers for their contributions but we need lots more, just pop over the garden gate if you have any or text us on 07484 197065

Our friends at Portsmouth Cathedral have a finale for their 'All Things Bright and Beautiful': a celebration to mark the installation of the 'Make a Fish ~ Make a Wish' sculpture. This unique piece is made of over 400 hand-made porcelain-paper clay fish, crafted by the people of Portsmouth. The three-week residency has had fishes created by the youngest (under 5) to the oldest (over eighty). Bravo!

Friday 17th November from 7:00pm-8:30pm light refreshments. Reserve your place here: 'Make a Fish Make a Wish' Eventbrite Website »

A collage of 4 pictures of the garden

By Peta Sampson

10th October 2017

When I was small my favourite book was about a secret garden, discovered by a little girl through a gate in a big old wall. Was a delight to read of her adventures on the other side of the garden wall. Funny to look back and remember, and reminds me how lucky we are to have our own community garden at Canoe Lake in Southsea.

Our adventure is with local people who live and love our city and seafront, and it’s green spaces. We want to bring people together to grow, make and share the garden, and by encouraging others to try growing their own and buying things locally...

Big thanks to our friends for their blue Tesco tokens over summer, and Tesco, as now we can run a great new project with gardening clubs and mini workshops at Eastney Community centre, and at our own community garden, with some special events at the Treadgolds garden with the John Pounds community too - ‘Southsea Greenfingers’.

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Hydroponics in a large commercial greenhouse, urban growing

By Peta Sampson

3rd October 2017

What a busy day at the garden Saturday, all our plot holders came together for our monthly planning meeting, despite the drizzle. We are learning, with help from the University, about hydroponics, a method of growing in an urban environment using sunshine, water and protein feed, no soil required - Did you know most of our tomatoes from the supermarket are grown this way now? Our next crop will be lettuce, what in the winter I hear you cry, this modern growing method brings changes to our growing conventions and makes local veg available out of season.

Plans afoot for our Greenfingers gardening and crafting clubs at Southsea Green and Eastney Community Centre. Starting soon so keep a look out for details and come and meet new people. The garden is ready for the Council’s over 60’s Festival, which we’ve taken part in for past 3 years. We are running craft and gardening tasters with opportunities to make little items to take home, all rounded off with a tour of the garden.