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Monthly Meet-up

Our next monthly meet-up is on the 4th August 2018. All are welcome :)

12 - 2pm

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Skillshops 2018

Southsea Green are delighted to announce the launch of Skillshops 2, check out our page for the upcoming skillshops and news.

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Summer Blog

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By Goff & Helen/h2>

Wednesday 11th July

Summer time and the living is easy’, but gardening never is! A cold wet start to the year, warm late spring, and now, a drought - even watering our lawns isn’t easy. Don’t panic, lawns recover quickly. You can still water all your plants if you follow these tips.

  • Don’t use sprinklers or fine spray hoses, particularly mid-day, much of this evaporates.
  • Watering morning or evening to the base of the plants is best.
  • Mulch compost, and use decorative stone around your prize blooms, will help keep the water in.
  • Keep a washing up bowl in your sink so that water from washing pots, your hands, or running the tap for a drink, can go on your garden.
  • Plants don’t mind soapy water!
  • Sounds simple but surprisingly effective. You’ll be surprised how much water you can collect in a day in a bucket near the kitchen. When it’s full, just throw it over the garden to give it a good soaking!
  • Hopefully, by using water sustainably through the hot spells, we can keep our plants thriving with minimal impact on the environment.

Finally, pray for some rain!

Poster for Gardens open day

By Sue Stokes

Wednesday 4th July

Summer came a-racing in HOT HOT HOT Gardeners tended the earth on their PLOT PLOT PLOT. Fledgling Robins fluted from their nests .Flapping and Hopping to show their Red vests .The Horny Toad croaked to see Frogs spawn come alive so rapidly. As blue Dragonflies hover overhead green pond weed crowds the water bed. Pink water lilies open their cups For Bees to savour the pollenup.

So come along and join our friendly band Perhaps to help water or lend a hand Enjoy all this and more to be seen, when you visit our community garden at Southsea Green. Pop in and see how the garden has grown; paint a pebble; and listen to Drumnation tribe. Leave the car behind and bring your bike to the Cycle Club’s bicycle hospital, at our open garden day on July 7, from 12 noon-3pm - join us in a minute’s silence at 2pm to remember all victims of aggression, and Jo Cox MP, to whom we dedicated a peace rose in the rose gardens, and for whom our beautiful blue gates are painted.

“We are stronger together”

Picture of Canoe Lake at Southsea

By Sue Stokes

Tuesday 26th June

Who doesn’t love our parks and kicking off your shoes on the grass or walking amongst the trees and flowers which have grown or been planted there to feed the birds and bees and our insatiable appetite for nature.

We are thinking of getting together with other city gardeners, to celebrate and help plant up our beautiful parklands at Canoe Lake, Southsea, and to enter South East in Bloom, 2019. They say, “Public Parks & Gardens and our Green Spaces are important places for everyone... Just sitting and enjoying the scenery, for sport, children’s play, for gardening and horticulture, for walking the dog, for sustaining our wildlife, Parks and open spaces provide it all...

So, in partnership with our friends at the seafront, from our local kiddy groups to businesses and our City council gardener allies, we hope to take inspiration and get some togetherness going for this campaign. If you’re interested in getting involved, call us 07484 197065

More info on South East in Bloom at: